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Artwork for Sale

Another way you could support Magical Musings is to purchase beautiful prints featuring my artwork! I have several paintings listed on Fine Art America. The painting below is going to be featured in Witch Way Magazine in June 2019!

Photography Prints


These charms are based on sympathetic magic. If you are a nonbeliever, they are not likely to work for you. I cannot guarantee results. Witches who have practiced for some time know it takes belief in the work in order to manifest the magick of charmed items. If you have a reaction to the soap, or hate the smell, or the product doesn’t arrive for some reason, then contact me and we will discuss a return or exchange.

The psychic card readings are for entertainment purposes only. While they may be dead on, we cannot guarantee the future, and Magical Musings accepts no liability for choices made based on the results of a reading. I am only telling you what the Universe shows me, and what the cards say. It is up to YOU what you do with the information.