Welcome to Write Kind of Magic!

Write Kind of Magic is part blog, part Author Website. The pages “About Amanda Wilson” and “Write Life” will teach you about Amanda Wilson as an author and provide quick and easy access to her writing. “Write Magic” is a blog about, you guessed it, Writing Magic! Last, but not least, if you wish to contact Amanda, hop on over to the Contact page!

Why did Amanda create Write Kind of Magic?

Amanda’s mission, the reason for creating this blog, is to help other witches, or even just magically inclined people, to discover and utilize the magic of writing. Amanda credits her happiness and self-confidence to two things: witchcraft and writing. They both are equally to thank for her success, and Amanda is eager to share what she’s learned with the world.

What’s so great about Writing Magic?

​Writing magic can not only heal but rejuvenate the soul, writing magic can propel you forward in your spiritual journey, writing magic can help you secure self-sovereignty, self-confidence, and, most importantly, self-love. ​

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If magic is the manipulation of energy to create change, then writing is the ultimate magical act. With wordcraft, we can write our intentions into reality.

Lisa Marie Basile, The Magical Writing Grimoire