Magical Gratitude 28-day Challenge: Day 3

Welcome back everyone! Wooo 3 days in only 25 to go! Who else is already feeling better for being grateful?! I know I am! We had a snow storm last night, and I am so grateful that snow removal is included in my rent! Thank you thank you thank you!

So we are making a list of 10 things we’re grateful for everyday, and every night we are taking our magic rock in our hand and saying “thank you thank you thank you”.

Magical Relationships

Today we are going to be grateful for someone in our life! 

It’s your contact and experiences with other people that give your life joy, meaning and purpose. 

Byrnes, p. 43
Well, I am thankful for you! and you! and you and you and you! All of my followers, all of my readers, for everyone who shares my blog posts, who follows me on twitter or adds me on Facebook or Pinterest. Magical Musings exists to serve people – anyone who has an interest in magic, who seeks to reenchant the world, who has love in their hearts. I know, a bit cheesy, but it’s true so deal with the cheesiness lol.
Byrne instructs us to
  •  choose three of your closest relationships to be grateful for. 
  • Gather photos of each person.
  • with the photo in front of you, think of five things you are most grateful for about each person and write it in your Magical Gratitude notebook/word document.
    • Start each sentence with the magic words “Thank you ______, for ________.” (so I would write Thank you Joshua, for being such a sweet son.)
  • Carry the photos around with you today, or have them so you can see them throughout the day. (My photos live in my phone and computer, so I will make a collage of them and make it the background of my Mac, because I’m always using it. )
  • Look at the photos 3 times today, and while looking into their eyes in the photo say Thank you, followed by their name. 
Remember, before bed to grab your magic rock and say thank you for the best part of today, and then tomorrow morning add another 10 items to your thank you list!
If you haven’t already, go get your copy of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne! All of my posts are archived, so you won’t have to miss out on anything!
I’d love to know how you’re doing, what you’re experiences are, what you think of the whole thing, so follow me on Twitter and let me know! #magicgratitude2019

The People I am Grateful for Today, Tomorrow, and Every Other Day of My Life


Thank you Josh,
for being the best son a mother could ever dream of having ❣


my amazing siblings!
thank you Mike,
for being the best younger big brother ever,
and thank you Alexis, for never being afraid to be you!


Thank you, Mom,
for everything you do for me and Josh!
I would be so lost without you!


Thank you Samantha,
for being an incredible friend and soul sister!