Raising Little Witchlings: Parenting the Witch’s Way

Raising Little Witchlings: Parenting the Witch’s Way is a witty, raw, and realistic guide for magical parents who wish to raise their kids as witches.

Raising Little Witchlings is part autobiography, part research project, and a completely transparent discussion about raising children in a magical environment. Witchcraft is a practice that fosters kindness, pushes potential, and encourages exploration, resulting in finding, and loving, one’s True self. Wilson welcomes parents to join her in this journey of patience, magic, connection, and the making of truly remarkable memories while raising little witchlings.

“I found Raising Little Witchlings to be a common-sense introductory book of parenting with a nonconventional spirituality base… a no-nonsense, practical guide with a bit of “follow your intuition” advice thrown into it.”

— Karen Storminger, author of Prayers of the Morrigan

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