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Magic of the Morrigan: Shedding Light on a Dark Goddess

The Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess shrouded in mystery and magic. This article introduces this deity and offers suggestions for working with the Morrigan.

Befriending Faeries

Faeries are not like the spritely spirits mass media would have us think- but that doesn’t mean you can’t befriend them. This article offers suggestions and ideas for befriending the Faery Folk.

Magic of the Morrigan: Badb the Battle Crow

The Morrigan may be considered a Triple Goddess, in that She is comprised of three sisters. This article explores the darker, fiercer sister, Badb, the Battle Crow.

Inspirational Aine: Celtic Goddess of Love, Healing, and Queen of the Faeries

Meet the bright, warm, and loving sun goddess Aine. Learn about her origins, devotional practices, and ways to bring her into your spiritual practice.

Colour magick:
Working a spectrum of spells

Learn how to incorporate the magic of color into your magical workings.

Magick Gardens

The magical practice of gardening! Learn magical garden designs, how to help your garden with Faery magic, and more.

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Creative Writing

River of Ideas, A Haiku

Do not plan your life,

Ride a river…

300 Seconds

A psychological thriller short story about a man, a haunted hotel, and tic-tic-tics…

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Academic Research

A Sociological and Psychological
Look at Women’s Plight in Jail

A qualitative research study examining the plight of women in county jail, and implications for a direct correlation between the treatment of women and recidivism rates.