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The Busy Witch’s Planner (2022)

This journal-style 12 month weekly planner has been conjured for the witch on the go, designed to keep work, home life, magical and spiritual practices organized and balanced. The 250 full color pages are bound in a book that will fit perfectly in your handbag, tote, or briefcase, so you’ll never have to be without it. Between the calendars and weekly planning pages are journal prompts, information about holidays and festivals from all over the world, a moon phase guide, ritual planners, planting guides, and more.

Order a personalized autographed copy for only $25! (Note: if you’re ordering for someone other than yourself, email me to let me know who to make the autograph out to!)

Introduction to “Deity Work” section

Discussing how the Divine can help you find the truest love of all: Self Love.

Write Your Life

…So, I stopped talking and started writing. Well, I talk, but when I do I’m just saying things, I’m not really sharing what’s on my mind. Writing, for me, is the spout of a tea kettle, releasing the steam that’s generated by my mind. Without the steam obstructing my vision, I can see into my mind and learn about myself. What’s more- I’ve learned to accept myself…

…If you want to find out who you are, write it. Get a couple composition books from the dollar store, a box of your favorite pens, and start writing.

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Finding First Thoughts

How well do you know your mind? I’m sure you’re thinking, “It’s my mind, so I know it well.” But what if I told you that you may have had a thought before that one? You probably did, it was just filtered out before your conscious mind was even able to detect it. The first thought you had could have been anything- it may have had nothing to do with the question at all, but you don’t know. You can’t. You, just as I, have been trained to filter out the ‘first thoughts’ of the mind, as author Natalie Goldberg¹ refers to them. First thoughts are our initial reactions to experiences, and learning to access them is an invaluable skill, especially for writers.

…You’ll never know what ‘strange jewels’ are buried within your mind unless you dig. You may only have to dig down a few feet, or you may have to dig until your palms are bloody and you’re covered in sweat and soil. You won’t know if you don’t do it.

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Confined: A Sociological and Psychological Look at Women’s Plight in Jail

This study takes a particularly close look at women who have spent time in jail, and analyzes how their incarceration has influenced them.

 One would expect that spending several months in jail would enlighten inmates on how to live a crime-free life.  However, this study found that this was not the case for the inmates that were interviewed.  This research discovered that the experience of incarceration was detrimental to women: they experienced discrimination and endured de-humanization through a process that I call “utter confinement”- a process that involves physical and mental confinement.  This paper also discusses the policy implications of my findings.

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Quick Links to Popular Pieces

Magic of the Morrigan: Shedding Light on a Dark Goddess

The Morrigan is a Celtic Goddess shrouded in mystery and magic. This article introduces this deity and offers suggestions for working with the Morrigan.

Befriending Faeries

Faeries are not like the spritely spirits mass media would have us think- but that doesn’t mean you can’t befriend them. This article offers suggestions and ideas for befriending the Faery Folk.

Magic of the Morrigan: Badb the Battle Crow

The Morrigan may be considered a Triple Goddess, in that She is comprised of three sisters. This article explores the darker, fiercer sister, Badb, the Battle Crow.

Inspirational Aine: Celtic Goddess of Love, Healing, and Queen of the Faeries

Meet the bright, warm, and loving sun goddess Aine. Learn about her origins, devotional practices, and ways to bring her into your spiritual practice.


Court Card Close-Up: The Queens of Tarot

Of all the cards of the Tarot deck, I find that it’s hardest for me to understand the court cards: King, Queen, Knight and Page. That’s why I’ve decided to write a series of articles about them. We can learn about them together! We will start with the Queen, as I find myself drawn to the Queens of Tarot. There’s something about Her countenance, Her imagery, that just pulls at me, partly recognition, partly longing.

It’s a Scream!

The real story behind the Banshee… Mythological beings all have their origin stories, so let’s find out what it is for the Banshee.. It should be a scream. The scream…does it bring death? or does it warn you of an impending death? Does the scream itself kill you or your loved ones? or is it a warning of screams […]

Magical Musings Blog is Now Magical Medium!

I’ve got some crazy changes in the works guys, and I just wanted to thank you ahead of time for your patience, your understanding, and for not trolling me because the website is still displaying “Magical Musings” everywhere. I have a new author website – WriteKindofMagic.art, which is why I decided to move the blog […]

Calling All Mothers!

I am currently working on a book that explores the concept of Motherhood, and while I could spend a year doing literary research, I don’t think I could come close to defining motherhood without consulting actual mothers. I’m a mother myself, but my opinion is just that- my opinion. So I’ve created a survey to […]


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