7 Card Spread Tarot Reading


7+ Card Spread

7+ Card Spread

Please complete the form below, providing  your name, email address, and the focus of the reading. The focus of the reading is why you are seeking Amanda’s assistance. Perhaps you need clarity, or maybe you are unsure of what to do. Maybe you would like to learn where your current path is likely to lead you, or you need insight on events you’ve experienced.

Helpful Hints

The focus of the reading may be phrased in either an open-ended question or statement. For best results, it is recommended that your focus is on something in your present life, the past by 6 months or less, or, at most, 3 months into the future. Tarot readings, and other forms of cartomancy, provide answers to that which you seek by analyzing the energies surrounding you, your life, and the focus of your reading. The further into the past you go the weaker the connection will be. The further you go into the future the more potential outcomes you could have, which, when you go too far, will result in readings with a very low probability.



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