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Amanda’s Best Life

…dancing to the rhythm of the magic humming through her soul, loving her family hard as she mindfully appreciates all she has, and all she could manifest. With magic, might, and wisdom of the Goddess, Gratitude is what powers Amanda’s momentum. Gratitude is why she strives to manifest the best for her clients, why she is eager to impart wisdom and wit with her readers, why she approaches each professional objective with enthusiasm, passionate for progress and productivity.

Amanda Wilson

|Witch – Content Writer – Published Author- Virtual Assistant|


Amanda Wilson is a witch, writer, and Virtual Assistant who lives in New England with her partner and their two sons. Amanda’s mission is to help people gain the skills, sovereignty, and magic they need to live their best life.
Amanda is no stranger to adversity, but despite her traumas, she is quick to laugh, easy to amuse, (she shrieks with delight when she sees any miniaturized object, such as the 1″ tarot cards her partner gave her for Yule in 2021), and knows with all her heart and soul that the purpose of life is to live…to live your best life.

In addition to being a columnist for Witch Way Magazine, Amanda is the author of Raising Little Witchlings: Parenting the Witch’s Way, the coauthor of the Hectic Witch’s Planner 2022 with Tonya Brown, and contributes to Medium.com and Vocal.media. She offers writing and administrative services to spiritual business owners as a virtual assistant.


Emmanuel College, Boston MA


BA Sociology & Psychology, cum laude

Distinction in the Field of Sociological Research
Member of Alpha Kappa Delta

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