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Get to Know a Goddess: Part 4

November 22nd: Leucothea

Happy Birthday Sagittarius Babies! Sagittarius is the centurion archer who represents harmonious mingling of the physical and spiritual living. Saggitarians tend to have a strong drive for justice, much like the goddess Leucothea.

Leucothea is a Greek goddess. The word Leucothea translates to “milk-white goddess”, alluding to her maternal nature. According to mythology, Leucothea was the mother of centaurs, and wet nurse for the famous Dionysus. In more recent times she is depicted as a sea goddess with art work presenting her as a mermaid. Telesco (author of 365 Goddess, the inspiration and resource for this post) explains that through this transformation “we see the mingling of the spiritual nature (water) with that of the earth (half-human appearance) to create Sagittarius’s customary energies.”.


  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Communication
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Change


  • Bow and Arrow
  • White items
  • Milk
  • Seawater

Celebrating Leucothea

Include milk or milk product in your diet today to consume a bit of Leucothea’s maternal nature or invoke her spiritual balance into your life. Wearing white is a way to figuratively don her power.

Ask Leucothea for help with personal transformation, especially those that encourage personal comfort and tranquility, while taking a salt water or milk bath.

Get to Know a Goddess: Part 3

November 18th: Matariki

Matariki, a Hawaiian Goddess, becomes the Pleiades with her six children in Polynesian mythology. Six kids! My goodness, you’d have to be a goddess to be a mother of 6. I have hard enough time with my son and my nephew!


  • Stars
  • Harvest
  • Peace


  • Stars
  • the Number Seven

Celebrating Matariki

From mid-to-late November, Hawaiians perform special rituals honoring the appearance of the Pleiades in the sky, which marks the start of Harvest Season.

This is a time of peace- all war is forbidden. They all make one wish: that Matariki and her children appear all over the world all the time!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Carry 7 stars in your pocket to encourage peace and harmony for you and all around you. You could draw them, type 7 asterisks ******* and print it off, pull star shaped marshmallows from Lucky Charms Cereal- you get the idea. I have stars tattooed on my thigh, so if I wanted to summon the peace and harmony of Matariki, I could just put my hand over the stars on my leg and infuse them with thoughts of this loving goddess.

If you have seemed to hit a wall on accomplishing a task, call Matariki to help show you the way to finish it efficiently. Pray and meditate, and be open to her messages (which usually show themselves after the starts are in the sky).

Wiki Commons

Get to Know a Goddess: Part 2

November 16th: Dharani

Dharani is the second goddess of the Get to Know a Goddess. According to Indian mythology, Dharani is the “wealth-providing, luck-bringing, abundant aspect of Lakshimi.


  • Luck
  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Beginnings


  • Baskets (filled)
  • Basil (sacred plan
  • Rice
  • Seedlings

Celebrating Dharani

Artist renderings of this goddess depict Dharani with an overflowing basket of rice or seedlings. She freely offers prosperity to those who are struggling. To attract Dharani’s blessings, wash your floors, walls, car, shoes, pets, and/or clothing with basil water. This rids you of any lingering bad luck. Basil is Dharani’s sacred herb, and “it banishes any energy of which the goddess doesn’t approve!”

Carve symbols you associate with good luck into candles and light them, sending away the shadows in your life. As the candle melts the emblem the magic of Dharani is released. It’s recommended that you anoint the candle with basil oil.

You can bestow blessings of Dharani upon others by filling a basket with rice cakes and offering them to visitors and coworkers- whomever crosses your path. By sharing the wealth you’re allowing the goddess “to bring her prosperity to many more lives”.

Symbols of Good Luck

Get to know a Goddess: Part 1

A Note from Amanda

Hello my Loves! I know – where the heck have I been? WELL – long story short, my life has been crazy. Last month I took in my nephew, and it’s been crazy keeping up with work, my son, and rearranging my home and routine to accomodate my nephew. I’ve loved having him here, but it has meant putting things on hold- like my poor blog. But, thanks to my mom who randomly found a big box of witchy books, I found a book that inspired me to write a little series for you guys. This time of year is crazy for everyone, and it’s important to keep in touch with your spirituality – especially when things are going well. It takes a few moments a day to stop and think about the Divine. Yesterday I was having a really rough day, so I put my notebooks away, closed my computer, and cleaned and smudged my home. As soon as the exhaust fans sucked out the erratic, emotional energy, I felt at peace. I felt connected to my Matron goddess, the Morrigan. But there are so many goddesses, and I know, as much as Morrigan loves her Ravens, she is fair and she has directed my attention to a number of other goddesses. In the box of books was 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco. It features a new goddess everyday. So I thought hey-I should share this with my readers! So I’ve done a little research for each of the goddesses I plan to feature in this series, and have designed a 10 part series all about goddesses, and the goodness they can bring into your life. Enjoy my loves!

November 14th: Pukkeenegak

Pukkeenegak is an Inuit goddess who presides over the household and all community affairs. She’s a mother figure, and watches over children, ensuring they have enough food and clothing. She is depicted with a tattooed face, wearing boots and a pretty dress that is ‘befitting the patroness of seamstresses’.


  • Kinship
  • Community
  • Thankfulness
  • Charity
  • Kindness


  • Tattoos

Celebrating Pukkeenegak

Today is the Asking Festival in Alaska. Children and adolescents go door to door gathering foods for a huge community feast. After the meal, people petition one another for gifts, “exchanging the entire community’s goods in the spirit of thanksgiving.”. (Telesco, 1998) To honor Pukeenegak, organze a potluck dinner, leaving a place dedicated just for her.

As she is the Patroness of Seamstresses, wear special clothing to reflect the goddesses’ gift with needle and thread. Or, in light of community, organize a clothing or a coat drive. Each one of the recipients of the donated goods will also receive a blessing from Pukkeenegak.

Tense situations seem to always tag along with holidays and season changes, so it’s bound to slither into your home. If it has, you can call the goddess to your home by drawing an emblem of peace over your heart chakra or the back of your hand. Use a non-toxic marker or body paint, of course. Let it wear off naturally, by which time the soothing magic of Pukkeenegak will have permeated your home.

Symbols of Peace

Telesco, P. 1998. 365 Goddess: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess. New York, NY: HarperCollins

Book Review: Idiot, by Laura Clery

Don’t Be an Idiot, READ Idiot.

So, this isn’t a typical review for a witchcraft blog, but I just loved this book too much not to review it. I love Laura Clery, I’m a huge fan of her videos. I wasn’t going to get her book, because I’m not into self-help books. But this is like a self-help-memoir-letter that sucks you in and spits you out feeling like your soul has been to the dry cleaners, you’re all clean and fresh and crisp.

My Star Rating for Idiot:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Is Laura Clery an Idiot?

She certainly used to be! But, who isn’t when they’re spending everyday on drugs? And before you get all mad at me for being insensitive: I am an addict, so I know how idiotic people can be when they’re high. I’ve been clean for about five years now. I did not go through AA or anything, because the program didn’t work for me. But it worked for Laura, and works for many, many people everyday. So before I move any further, if you are an addict and need help, I encourage you to seek out your local AA. You can’t know if it will work unless you try it.

So, is Laura Clery an idiot? No. Not anymore. She was, and this was an amazing retelling of her life. I have to say that you can tell Laura isn’t a writer. The chapters are too long, and she tends to hop around a bit. She’s not a bad writer, but as a writer, I can tell she isn’t one. That’s okay though. Her authenticity and raw voice makes up for it. The content makes up for the poor construction. So, bandaid has been ripped off, and I can move onto the good stuff. I’m a huge fan of Laura Clery, so it pains me to criticize her like that, but I must remain authentic and be honest with you guys.

a stupid person.
a person of low intelligence.

Google Search

Laura Clery has proven that she was not stupid, she just made poor choices. Wit is a sign of intelligence- I don’t know who said that, but my father once told me that and since he’s really intelligent, I stick to it. Ipso facto, Laura Clery is not a stupid person. She was a troubled person. She was a lost soul. This story takes you through her life, from her happy, albeit weird, childhood, to her first experiences with drugs, and to her rock bottom. I thought my rock bottom was low, living in a tent in the woods, but that was nothing compared to being chased out of a house by your boyfriend’s girlfriend leaving you in the middle of LA with no friends, no family, and no place to go. So, yea, she’s had it hard. But equally drastic a difference between us, she is now living in Beverly Hills making a shit load of money. It balances out, right?

Why Idiot?

This book is not for idiots, because I fear they will misinterpret the message Laura is trying to communicate. I think this book is for the following:

  • addicts
  • anyone who is troubled spiritually, emotionally, etc.
  • victims of abuse, as well as survivors/thrivors of abuse
  • anyone who doesn’t know what to do with their life
  • anyone who knows what they want, but doesn’t know how to get there
  • anyone who wants to know Laura Clery’s life story

This book is for us Witches, too!

I found so many parallels in Laura’s story, so I can’t help but feel a connection to this book (hence why I’m reviewing a non-occult book on my blog). The thing is, the answer to her incredible life is mystical, and therefore it does fit on my blog! So this book is also for witches, pagans, and every other person that ascribes to the Law of Attraction, and lives by the power of Gratitude.

Laura Clery’s Magical Life

She spent a huge part of her life partying, drinking, drugging. She struggled to stay sober. She almost lost her husband because he relapsed and tried to detox off of benzo’s cold turkey (>>>btw that’s lethal. If you are addicted to valium, Xanax, or any other benzodiazepines, please don’t quit cold turkey. Get yourself to a rehab facility to chemically detox so you don’t die<<<).
All in all, she has been through the ringer. So what got her to her house in the Hills? The Law of Attraction. Yes! score one for witches baby! She specifically states in her book “I don’t think this is magic”. Well, Laura, hate to break it to you, but if you’re visualizing what you want and expressing gratitude as if you’ve already achieved it, that’s magic. That’s the law of Attraction, a law upon which magic works. So yea, her life is literally magical.

I mean, if getting paid to sing about your VAGANA isn’t magical, I don’t know what is.

Another reason I think Laura Clery’s book review is fitting for my blog is because she empowers the witch’s idea of a woman. She’s all about female empowerment, without being feminist, she’s a vegan, and she knows and acknowledges the power of the mind. So, yea, ’nuff said.

Peeing in Public, Shitting in a Hot Tub.

This section is actually going to be an assortment of my favorite quotes, but I wanted to make this a headline and couldn’t figure out a better place for it. I do want to say that I have the audiobook, and while I’m certain of the words, because I listened to the clips multiple times to make sure I noted them down right, I might get punctuation wrong. It’s setting off my OCD anxiety not knowing if it’s exact, so the least I can do is let you guys know I did my best lol. And, yes, she claims she pissed in public. She didn’t actually shit in the hot tub- her friend did, then handed her the turd. So Laura held a turd, and threw a turd, in a hot tub. Like I said, she was a fucking weird kid. Makes me love her all the more lol. #nocontextforyou #buythebook #justdidthat

…we are constantly in a state of either love or fear, and these states control the choices we make and the way we live…

…you’re an artist. You make art. Stay in the action and out of the results.

It sounds really cheesy, but those affirmations are what lifted me over the edge. I swear by them. I had such a rigid self image before, and the only things that could break the cycle of self hate were intentional, affirming, statements. I have been depressed, anxious, and suicidal for much of my life, and this is what has turned it around for me.

The only thing I can recommend is to visualize. For the record, I’m not saying this is magic, I’m saying that a shift in your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want is more powerful than we can ever imagine, and it works in mysterious ways.

Buy Laura Clery’s new book Idiot!

Support Magical Musings

Being a single mother isn’t easy – it’s rewarding, and wonderful, but expensive. That’s why I’ve added this page- to let you guys know about some ways I’m trying to cover the rising cost of kids clothes and gas. (Not to mention Legos, my kids favorite toy, cost $10 for a little tiny box!)

So, below are some of my witchy creations and services! If you’d like some writing services, check out my other website: http://www.Magicalmusingswritingsvcs.com

Squeaky clean, magically magnificent!

Soap is a necessity – it’s found in almost every home. There are many options for soap magick, and that magick is much stronger when the soap is handcrafted, tailored to your witchy needs. Below are soaps I crafted myself at my kitchen counter. The prices all include shipping and handling.

The soaps with the Celtic knot designs are 7cm x 4.5 cm x 1cm . The block soaps are 8cm x 5 cm x 2 cm. (roughly)

At this time, I cannot sell to countries outside the United States. I hope to be able to in the near future, but at the time I cannot. there are many restrictions, legal fine print, and requirements to sell to folks across the pond. I will work on remedying this as soon as possible.

My quaint kitchen counter, with everything I need to start making soap!

The Goods

More to come! I just ordered more goats milk soap base, and have a bunch of herbs I’ve been setting out to dry in the sun. I love the sun’s energy – the rising sun is great for rejuvenation, energy boost, and clarity. The setting sun has a soothing feeling, with a sense of stability that works well with Earthly energy.

Life, Loss, Retreat, and Realizations

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and today’s post will be wonky, to say the least. It’s more of a cathartic release from my soul than anything else, and I apologize in advance if you aren’t into this kind of stuff. I have always made a point to be transparent with you guys, and you deserve to know why I’ve been MIA.

Life and Loss

Life itself has kept me in a whirlwind. On June 7th, 2019 at 2:10 pm my grandfather took his last breaths. We knew it was coming, kinda. He had a tumor that grew very fast, and were assured by the hospital that he was strong enough for the surgery. He made it out of surgery fine, but then took a turn for the worst. He was in the hospital from May 16th, until that afternoon when my family had the hospital turn off life support.

It hurts. there is no elegant poetry to describe this loss- only two simple words that come from people ages 1+. It hurts. No, it FUCKING KILLS. It’s like I have a huge, raw, sore in my chest and everytime the wind blows it’s like someone is pouring salt into the wound. My grampa was a major part of my life- he was like a second dad. When my mom had a mental break down and left my siblings and I behind, my grandparents took her place- as well as they could take the place of our mother anyways. Grampa helped me learn to drive- he was so patient! My dad and mom helped, too, of course, but Grampa wasn’t scared and meek like mom or loud and impatient like dad. He was just Grampa. When I think of him I think of the smell of fresh cut grass, motor oil, sweat, and soil. He loved tending to his yard. He and my gram lived in a little trailer for so long, and when they moved into their second home with 2 acres of lawn, he was outside just about all day every day from May to September, always tending to one thing or another.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the woods behind that house. My brother and I spent all our time out there- or in the gazebo my grandparents loved. My grandmother took care of some kids in our class back then, so we’d all go out to the woods and would find fallen trees to make bridges over these huge ditches that snaked their way around their property (their house was at the bottom of a steep hill, so my dad rented an excavator and dug deep ditches for irrigation so their lawn wouldn’t be flooded. Oh Grampa loved that lawn! The only times he ever got really mad at my brother and I as kids was when we trampled through his yard when he had just laid seed – we wanted our ball back we didn’t know any better lol. The second time I saw him get really mad was when someone put their car in reverse instead of drive (or vice versa) and drove into his garden, breaking the pretty wooden bed he built with his own hands. I remember him chucking the broken wood and my gram scuttling after him shouting to calm down. He had heart problems – so it wasnt’ good for him to be so worked up. He was such a mellow man, so I couldn’t help but stand at the door and just gawk lol.

Grampa was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago, and it progressed quickly. A combination of years of alcoholism and genetics, most like. (He quite drinking like 40 years ago). It crushed him, being stuck at home all the time. He was so social – he loved people. He was a jokester- he always had gag gifts that he’d use to make people laugh. I like to think that he is in the Summer Lands, playing pranks on his brother and mother now. Or maybe he’s hanging around on this plane, waiting until he has the strength or energy to play gags on us. Who knows? What I do know is that life is truly capable of shocking the shit out of you, even us witches with our tarot cards and divination tricks. I’m a clairvoyant, and I thought for sure he’d pull through. I had a vision of him with an eye patch – the tumor was on his forehead and they had to remove his right eye. But now I know that it was hopeful imagination, not a vision. I think back, and I’m sure the signs were there. I just refused to see them, refused to hear them. It’s almost been a month since he’s been gone and I’m still in a fog. I still feel like this is some dream or cruel prank. Even with the little urn on my shelf- well it’s hidden now because I couldn’t handle looking at it. I cry everyday. The pain hasn’t dulled at all- if anythign it’s only gotten worse. I’ve just gotten better at distracting myself.


I said goodbye to my Grampa on June 6th, and on June 7th I went to Orange, CT to go to Morrigan’s Call Retreat. It was a weekend long retreat devoted to the Morrigan. I worked cloesly with Anu, the Great Mother. It was fun. It was tough because I had to take my son, and I cried on like 15 shoulders – many of which I didn’t know until that moment. But I received messages from the Oracle, a priestess channeling hte Morrigan that were powerful and haunting. I lay in bed at night and think about how that little priestess had the presence of a 10-foot tall warrior. I walked into the temple, and the energy was palpable. At one point I dropped to my knees, in reverence and awe and shock over the Queens words. I saw the priestess the next day, and she was petite and bubbly and her voice was different even. Her eyes too – as the Oracle she had an intense gaze that was like arrows, but the next day her eyes were gentle and soft. The Morrigan is a powerful deity. She is often referred to as a warrior, but I see her as a Mother. She is vicious when she has to be, but her intense presense is just because she’s Divine. She said what I needed to hear, and I feel her presence every day. In the wind, in the sunlight, in the rain – even in my child, when I’m crying over my grandfather and he tells me “Don’t cry, mama, you have me!”. It’s like the Goddess is whispering in his ear to tell me that because no matter how many times he’s said it, it still makes me smile and the tears slow.


I realized that I’m stronger than I thought. I realized that I need to appreciate what, and who, I have all the more. I realized that balance means extremes of life and death – like my cousin is now pregnant – how ironic is that? I realized that Deity and magick are for every day – not just moments of despair or delight. I realized that I had no fucking clue what happens after death, but i know what I saw shortly after my Grampa passed, and I hope that it’s like that. I realize this is a weird post, but I hope you find some sort of, idk, something from it. If not, enjoy the pictures from my trip at least.

Bright Blessings to you and yours,


How old is my soul?

Photo by Flo Westbrook on Pexels.com
<p style="color:#2a0244" class="has-text-color

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday (May 10th), and it got me thinking about past lives, and wondering:

How old is my soul?

The idea that I have lived in multiple bodies, over who knows how many years can be a bit mind boggling. I’ve had past-life readings done a few times, and they actually matched up to visions I’ve had of memories when I’ve gone into guided meditations to explore my soul’s past. Based on my experiences, past life readings by two totally separate readers, and a number of tarot card spreads, I know this much:

  • I was a witch in at least one past life, and during such time I was very powerful, well-known, and healed many people.
  • I died young in a few of my past lives
  • Romance has been an issue for my soul for at least 3 lifetimes
  • Having children has been a struggle for my soul in at least 2 lifetimes
  • I committed suicide in at least one past life.

{Book Review} The Door to Witchcraft: A New Witches Guide to History, Traditions, & Modern Day Spells, by Tonya A. Brown

The Door to Witchcraft opens the door to reviews for Magical Musings!

Book reviews are really fun to write so I don’t know why it took me so long to start doing it on my blog/ website. I’ve written them for work a few times and had a blast with it! I decided The Door to Witchcraft was the perfect book to start with! A part of my mission is to help new witches figure out what they want to do and how to do it, so recommending resources is a major part of that. Instead of just making a list off to the side of the website, where hardly anyone will notice it, I should write reviews for the books I feel are most helpful.

Walking through the Door

I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book when I ordered it on Kindle. I’ve actively avoided ‘witchcraft 101’ books for awhile, simply because they all say the same damn thing, in the same boring ways. After being blown away by Weave the Liminal, (which will be the next review!), I thought: “Well, I know Tonya, and know she’s a great writer with a unique and creative voice, so I’m sure her book will be an interesting read, even if it reiterates everything all witchy 101 books do.”

My thoughts

Interesting read doesn’t even come close. Tonya’s enthusiastic, creative, knowledgable voice was but one part of this book, turning plain words into a song of wit and wisdom. She has the book divided into two major parts: Part I: Witchcraft & Practical Magic {includes history, values, definitions, ethics, and ‘the basics’.
Part II: Spells {exactly how it sounds – an assortment of spells for categories from love to business}.

Top 6 Best Quotes

To understand how to create change, you must understand the sequence of events it entails. The cycle is as follows: Knowing – Witchcraft – Magic.

Witchcraft is about taking the raw, beautiful, and powerful forces of our world and using them to create change.

Whether you are a badass woman who oozes solar energy or a gorgeous man who drips lunar, or a nonbinary person with an energy all your own, you are a powerful, strong witch.

The truth is that trying to classify something as purely good or purely bad lacks empathy and complex thought. In witchcraft there are no absolutes—nothing is inherently good or bad.

Intuition. Follow your gut and your moral compass about what is right and what is not. Just because you’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean you’re “evil,” and just because you’ve done something for someone else doesn’t mean you’re “good.” Try to throw those labels out. It all comes down to trusting yourself and thinking through actions and consequences.

Let the universe move you, surprise you, challenge you, and support you—as a witch, your connection to it is mystical and beautiful.

Make sure to get your copy now!

Happy Grimoire

My Happy Grimoire

Yep, this is really a post about Happy Planners. No, Happy Planner did not put me up to this! (although it’s something worth looking into, TBH.) It would be helpful if you used one of the affiliate links I’ve provided to purchase one, because at NO extra cost to you, you’ll be contributing towards my attempt to earn a little more money so I can afford diapers, clothes, gas -live, pretty much.

me & my BIG ideas BOX-109 Create 365 The Happy Planner Box Kit 12 Month Undated, Best Year Ever Classic

Disc bound planners are just the best record keeping tools for any creative person, witch or not, IMO. While the title says Grimoire, the happy planner can be used for a number of things. It’s so personalizable, and once you get over the expensive first kit, there are ways to refill pages and decorate the book without breaking the bank. It took me a while to decide on the Happy Planner- but now that I’ve started using it I have no interest in any other notebooks! I do use loose leaf paper and a binder for research notes – it’s just to expensive to use up precious happy notes paper on something I’ll stick in a box for a year then throw away.

I often see in Witchcraft facebook groups are questions about what to keep track of, how to keep track of it, and why. So I thought I would answer those questions in one fell swoop.

The Golden Locket

I’ve always had a strong intuition, so I decided to start working on my psychic skills. I quickly realized that not only am I claircognizant and clairvoyant, but I’m a medium as well. I signed up for classes online, and purchased a few books, and started following a half dozen blogs. When I got to the point where I felt comfortable with readings, I decided to try my skills out with my best friend.

I was shocked when her grandmother was ready and waiting when I shifted my state of consciousness to perform a mediumship reading. Everything I had read had concurred that spirits of the recently deceased typically don’t come through – they’re still getting used to the ‘other side’. But she was there! She passed along several messages, and I had my notebook dedicated to mediumship in my lap the entire time, scribbling notes as I relayed them. Most experienced mediums discouraged writing while reading, but half the time I would forget what happened as soon as I came out of the trance or whatever. So, anyways, her grandmother kept insisting she find the locket. A golden locket, with a photo of my friend and her younger sister. “Find the locket! Wear it, and it will keep you safe”

“My gram never had a locket!” My friend insisted. She sat back and thought long and hard- nope, she never remembered a locket.

A few months passed, and I decided to do another reading for her. After a friend of hers (who I knew nothing about) came through, her gram was there, waiting patiently for her turn. Again, she insisted that my friend find ‘the locket’.

Fast forward 6 months: The phone rings-it’s my best friend.

“You will never guess what Jess (her sister) found today!”

“What’d she find”

“A fucking locket!”

She went on to describe the locket in detail. While I had a fuzzy memory of the reading, I went back to my notebook. I had kept a log of both readings, and even though they were done about four months apart, they both included the same details about the locket that my friend had just described to me.


Holy Mother of Cheese crackers I really am a medium! and I would have never believed that I truly connected with her gram if I hadn’t written that stuff down. So from that moment on I kept track of everything.

If I had to recommend any book at all for mediumship and psychic training, it’d be this one! Ellen Dugan is funny, so the book is an easy read, and she’s practical. There’s no nonsense, nothing religious, just basic & straightforward methods.

The Natural Psychic: Ellen Dugan’s Personal Guide to the Psychic Realm

What should I keep track of?

As much as possible, babe! This was difficult for me at first – I’ve never been much of a diary person. I’d start one because I liked the notebook, or I wanted to try out new pens, but after a few weeks they’d fizzle out. What got me into the habit was one of the craziest things I’ve experienced in my witchy career.

Happy Planner Classic for my Grimoire, and then the Mini (with a Deluxe cover) for my daily planning needs!

These are things I keep track of in my grimoire. The reason I love my Happy Planner is that I can move things around as needed, and there are dividers that are just adorable! The undated expansion packs are great for keeping track of the moon phases and astrological movements.

  • Calendars
  • Mood tracker
  • Divination practice (Tarot readings, psychic practice, etc.)
  • spells (ingredients, prep, ritual, thoughts on the spell once it’s cast, results – did it work? How did it work i.e. what exactly happened
  • herbal & oil stores
  • useful information i.e. definitions, how-to’s, tips and tricks
  • Guided Meditation
  • Invocations
  • Goddess studies (i.e. The Morrigan’s preferred offerings, Oya’s boons, etc.)
  • a code of ethics

Why should I keep track of stuff for my practice?

The shortest answer: efficiency.

When you are a practicing solitary, like myself, you only really learn from trial and error. How can you be sure of why your spell didn’t work, if you aren’t 100% on what you did in the first place? Could it have been the timing? The ingredients? The wording? Did you visualize the wrong thing? Did you design the spell to meet your needs by way of least resistance?

How should I set up my planner?

Get a Happy Planner, or some disc bound planner, a set of dividers, paper, stickers, Washi tape, pens, markers, and anything else that you want to decorate your Grimoire. There are TONS of blogs dedicated just to disc-bound planners online, and Pinterest always has great ideas.

The first section should be your Ethical Guidelines. Think about how you feel about cursing, performing spells for personal gain, accepting payment to cast spells or do readings for other people, your idea of free will, and anything else that comes to mind. Don’t worry about what others say or think. This is for YOU.

After that is up to you! I have my ethical guidelines, then calendars. After that is my reference section, followed by my Witch Cabinet inventory. It’s really helpful to keep track of what herbs and oils you use most, so you know which ones to get more of (which ones to find decent prices for bulk perhaps), and then I have spells and rituals. The spells and rituals section has two subsections. One is the spell or ritual – everything I did, used, said, when and where, moon phase etc. and the other side is for results. If 3 months pass and nothing happens, then I revisit the spell to see if I should tweak it and try it again or leave it.

Digital Grimoire

If you really don’t like handwriting your grimoire and want an efficient, productive way to keep a digital grimoire, I recommend Scrivener This application is AMAZING. I use it for my blog, my creative writing, for my freelance writing, my magazine column – if you need something to keep a lot of writing organized, this is it. Word has everything all together, but with Scrivener you can rearrange, reorganize, and review all you want! If you want to publish your grimoire – say create a ‘first year as a witch’ record, it takes about 30 seconds to compile the document. You choose which folders you want in it, the front and back matter, and the format you want it to export to. Click click boom baby!

For your convenience, I have made a Scrivener template for a digital grimoire! If you want this FREE template, click HERE!

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Bright Blessings!

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