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Home Protection Jar I made for my apartment

Spell Jars are great…

They don’t require any exhaustive, complicated conjuring. Cleanse, fill it with herbs and crystals and other tidbits charged with intent, seal it, set it somewhere safe and it continues to cast for as long as it’s there!

As a token of gratitude for my lovely readers, I am going to offer a FREE Samhain Spell Jar to one person who follows me here or follows my Tumblr between now and Samhain. (Follow both and you’ll get TWO entries!) On November 1st, the contest will be closed and I will use a raffle website to choose the winner. That ensures fairness. Don’t worry, I won’t be using one that requires email or any other contact information of the contestants. And, any contact info obtained will be so I can notify the winner and send them their jar.

So, what is a Samhain Spell jar?

Samhain is the Celtic New Year. It’s a day to plan for the future, to remember the past, to acknowledge the lessons learned over the past year and set goals to learn new lessons in the new year.  I won’t be sharing my recipe – but I will tell you that it will be filled with ingredients that instill confidence, assist with psychic abilities, and help ensure that your goals for the new year will manifest in a timely fashion. Once I choose a winner I will contact them to get a list of goals for the next year, so I can make sure the jar targets their specific needs. You can’t beat that – click follow and get the chance to win magickal assistance for the next year! And remember, following both my blog and my Tumblr means you’ll get 2 entries!

I look forward to sharing my Magical Musings with new followers, and can’t wait to make someone’s life a little more magickal!