Blessed Mabon!

Blessed Mabon My Lovely Readers!

I’m super sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been super busy with Magical Musings Writing Services! I am so thankful my new business is going well, but I need to work out my schedule so I have time to write for my beloved blog too! Today is Mabon, so what better night to make this plan! 

All About Balance on Witch’s Thanksgiving

Mabon is often called the Witch’s Thanksgiving, because we celebrate and give thanks for what we have. That doesn’t necessarily mean materialistic things – even though I think we should appreciate what we have in that regard – but what we have accomplished as far as lessons learned, spiritual break throughs, and discovering what we must learn in the days to come. I will be giving thanks for healthy and happy son, my home, my furniture, my electronics (especially my computer), and more importantly, I will be giving thanks for the growth I’ve achieved spiritually over the past year. A year ago I had spent Mabon declaring my decision to become Pagan, and was giving thanks for my new way of life. I have learned so much since then- have experienced so much since then! After my ritual I will be going over my grimoires/journals, to see what I’ve done and learned. I will spend some time meditating, to find out where the Goddess is leading me this year.

Today day and night are balanced, and as above so below which means it’s a day for us to find balance in our magickal and mundane lives. It’s the second harvest festival in the Celtic year, so we should give thanks for what we have. Our Celtic ancestors would preserve the harvest and store it away for winter. The last sheaf of the harvest was made to represent the Great Goddess as the Queen of the Harvest. They would place Her on the mantle to encourage her blessings upon their lives.

Mabon Magick⬳

A Spell for Balance

I found this spell on PaganSquare. It is an article by Deborah Blake, from 9/22/2014 called A Mabon Spell for Balance. It’s a short and simple spell, but I have found that those are often the most successful – your focus remains intense, and your visualization remains clear, versus a long complicated spell where your mind could wander. That’s my experience anyways, it could be the opposite for you! Anyways, you set up your altar so it is balanced. I had it divided into four equal spaces, and had something representing each element in each section (rock, incense, cauldron of water, and a tealight, with the black and white candles exactly in the middle). You are to visualize what is imbalanced in your life, and then see them balance out. So if you are overworked, you see that you get an assistant or something and you start spending more time at home, are resting more, and are happier. If your life is a total mess, Blake suggests opening up to whatever the gods send in response to your prayer. 

Light the dark and light candles, see what you need, or feel yourself releasing your fate to the gods, and say: 

Earth and Air, Water and Fire
Grant to me my heart’s desire
Balance now my troubled life
Wash away confusion’s strife
Even out the high and low
Gently soothe the ebb and flow
Dark and light in balance be
From extremes please set me free
Calm, serene and peaceful I
With ease and grace my days will fly
As above and so below
Balance to my life bestow

Spend some time meditating and write down any messages you receive. When I cast my balance spell, I did it during my solo ritual this evening. I’ve included the ritual below 🙂

Macha Equinox Rite

For my ritual, I personalized the “Macha Equinox Rite I found in Stephanie Woodfield’s Celtic Lore and Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan. If you are interested in learning more about the Morrigan, or if you are a devotee of Her, I highly recommend this book! I don’t think I’ve read any book that has as much information as this one, and Stephanie includes guided meditations, rituals and spells for each chapter. (Plus Stephanie Woodfield is super friendly and down to earth, and a very kind and caring person, which reassures me that her suggestions and advice throughout the book are sincere).

What You’ll Need:

  • Sword
  • Macha Herbal Blend:Oats, Dried apple peel, Vervain, Coltsfoot, Mullein, Honeysuckle flowers, Eyebright, Jasmine flowers (p. 65, Woodfield)                                                                             (I didn’t have all of these so I went with my intuition and used meadowsweet, vervain, mugwort, juniper berries, and dried apple peel)
  • Crow feather (I used a black feather I got at a craft store)
  • Salt
  • Cauldron of water
  • 3 acorns or hazelnuts (I made mine out of clay because I couldn’t find any acorns or hazelnuts)
  • Green marker
  • 1 apple Chalice of wine or apple cider

Cast the circle using the sword, saying:

I mark the boundaries of this sacred space
As Macha marked the boundaries
Of Emain Macha with her broach
In Macha’s name this circle is sealed!

Light the herbal blend as incense and circle it three times with the crow feather, saying:

Winged one, Crow woman
Bless this circle with the cleansing power of air! 

Walk around the circle clockwise with the incense. Return to the altar, use the crow feather to waft some of the incense over the altar, then perform a self-blessing by wafting the incense over your body with the feather. Put three pinches of salt in the water and stir it with your athame, saying:

Salt and water
Blood and body of the Goddess
Bring your blessings to this place
In Macha’s name, I call you purified!

Go around the circle clockwise, sprinkling the salt water around the circle with your fingers. Then sprinkle some of the water on the altar, saying:

Here is the altar of Macha
Lady of the brilliant sun
Horse Goddess
Crow woman and faery seeress
In her name may this place be blessed
Hail Macha
Know that you are honored here! 

Go to the east and draw an invoking pentagram with your sword, saying:

Crow Goddess
Black feathers gliding upon the wind
Swift-footed mare
Untamable, wild, and free
Macha, now hear me
Macha, be near me this day! 


Macha of the red tresses
Sun of womanhood
Fierce and cunning Queen
Riding upon your chariot, spear in hand
Macha, now hear me
Macha, be near me this day! 


Seeress, Lady of visions and far-reaching sight
Mistress of realms seen and unseen
Between the worlds you walk
Macha, now hear me
Macha, be near me this day!


Lady of the Masts
Of the ripe and fertile plain
Marking the boundaries of your realm in earth and stone
Macha, now hear me
Macha, be near me this day! 

Take the crow feather and circle the cauldron three times in a clockwise motion, saying:

Hail Macha
Mare Mother
Crow Goddess
Mother, Warrior, Queen
Sun of Womanhood
Lady who blesses and keeps the land
Great Queen of Battle
I give you honor, as the men of Ulster would not do, 

On this day of balance between night and day
When light stands equal with dark
Come now, O mighty Queen
Who holds sovereignty over the land
Macha, now hear me
Macha, be near me this day!

Perform any additional spellwork or pathwork. When you are ready, pass the acorns or nuts through the incense. Use the marker to draw symbols representing something you wish to manifest. Hold the nuts in your hands and visualize your desire manifesting. When the image is clear in your mind, say: 

Masts of Macha
Forest harvest
Seeds of the earth
Bring form and shape to my desire
In Macha’s name, manifest!

Place the acorns in your cauldron. Circle the apple with the feather three times, then cut it in half with your athame, saying:

I honor you Macha
For the bounty that you bring
Harvest Queen
May your blessing of prosperity flow unending! 

Take a bite from one of the apple halves and place the other in the offering bowl.
Then circle the chalice of wine with the crow feather three times and hold it above the altar, saying:

Fiery Macha
Lady of the sun
Unbridled, untamable
In the end all warriors must give you your due
Macha, I give you honor, as the men of Ulster would not do! 

Take a sip of the wine, then pour the remaining liquid in your libation
bowl or put it aside to be poured outside after the ritual.
When you are ready to close the ritual, go to each of the quarters and draw a banishing pentagram, saying:

Depart in peace, powers of the east/south/west/north 

Open the circle by cutting it with your sword, saying:

Macha’s circle is now unbound. 

Bury the acorn or nuts on your property.

Woodfield, Stephanie. Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan (pp. 365-369). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.